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WiMedia Explorer 300 Analyzer - Features

Software overview

Ellisys WiMedia analysis and display software provides instantaneous user's understanding about the protocol. The real time display enables capturing, filtering and decoding the data live, thus simplifying the debugging.

Discover all the powerful functionalities of the Wireless USB analyzer software
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Instant Timing. Be Right on Schedule.

The Ellisys' Instant Timing™ window enables users to clearly view time allocations and violations, measure protocol item duration and understand the traffic sequences involved in the WiMedia wireless protocols. Developers can visualize Ultrawideband frames and Wireless USB timing allocations, zoom or pan in real-time and measure absolute or relative time.

InstantTiming. Be Right on Schedule.
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Instant Beacons. See what they see.

Beacons are frames exchanged by all devices in a WiMedia personal area network (PAN) to both signal their presence and reserve part of the Superframe bandwidth. The Ellisys' Instant Beacons™ view displays a table of all devices and their recognition status by other devices in the network. Since Ellisys protocol analyzers operate in real-time, the view is constantly updated to reflect device behaviour. The Instant Beacons view can also play back a previously recorded trace for further in‑depth debugging. The alternate approach to using the InstantBeacons view is to capture and manually check the beacon traffic in post-processing. This is a time-consuming process especially when using protocol analyzers that do not operate in real-time but rather capture and process a trace file.

Instant Beacons. See what they see.
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Instant Superframe

The Instant Superframe view displays all frames sent by devices within their allocated reservations. Reservation policies are analyzed and violations are clearly identified for a simplified debugging. As the Instant Beacons view, the Instant Superframe view works in real-time and can play back a trace for reviewing the traffic evolution.

Instant Superframe
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Compliance Verification

The analysis software verifies interoperability issues on all protocol layers. Protocol elements are checked for validity and compliance against the specifications. Potential issues are clearly reported to the user and can thus be resolved at an early stage of the development project.

All protocol layers are analyzed for interoperability issues. Values, fields and structures are verified, and errors are clearly reported to the user.

Protocol Layer Display

The Ultrawideband and Wireless USB protocol layers are clearly defined on screen. Each protocol has a dedicated window to help you focus on your area of interest. Users who already know wired USB can view a Wireless USB window containing only high-level protocol elements. Others may prefer the Ultrawideband window to find protocol elements specific to this layer. For easier navigation, Wireless USB packets are automatically deduced from their equivalent WiMedia frames. Users easily master the WiMedia and Wireless USB protocols by using this familiar context.

Users who already known wired USB can focus on the Wireless USB window that contains only high-level protocol elements. With this familiar context, users easily master the WiMedia and the Wireless USB protocols.

Post-Analysis Capabilities

Post-analysis capabilities enable developers to take full advantage of the recorded data. The search functionality helps when seeking data patterns, discovering errors or finding sought information fast. With a straightforward syntax, textual filters enable users to filter out unwanted data to display only useful items. Our software also includes a traffic summary pane offering a quick overview of the protocol data exchanged between devices. Users can check sent traffic and quickly catch potential problems. With these user-friendly capabilities, navigating through large quantities of data is quick and efficient.

With the many user-friendly search modes, the comprehensive search dialog allows developers to find any sought information fast.

Non-Intrusive Analysis

The Ellisys WiMedia Explorer 300 Analyzer silently listens to WiMedia Ultrawideband and Wireless USB communications for capturing, assembling, analyzing and verifying traffic transmitted between a host and multiple devices. This non-intrusive design enables developers to seamlessly integrate the protocol analyzer in their development environment without perturbing the devices participating in the cluster under test.

Generator Software Overview

Ellisys Ultrawideband Script Edition Software helps you create, edit and debug scripts in a convenient manner. Traces previously recorded by an Ellisys WiMedia Explorer 300 Analyzer can be exported to a script and played back by the generator. You will then be able to quickly understand and fix the issue.

Discover all the powerful functionalities of the WiMedia-based frame generation software
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Upgradeable as Specifications Evolve

The modular analyzer's hardware architecture is engineered to be upgradeable as the specifications evolve. The main board hardware is fully programmable and can effortlessly accommodate change in specifications. The Ultrawideband radio analysis hardware module plugs into the main board and can be replaced with future hardware modules to support new features such as higher data rates, international compliance or new services. Furthermore, the analyzer's Auxiliary Equipment connector can host additional external extensions to preserve your investment.

The modular analyzer's hardware architecture accommodates change in the specifications. The front end can be replaced to support future PHY evolution.

Worldwide Solution for Ultrawideband Analysis

Wireless information is transmitted over the air between devices through electromagnetic fields. These fields must stay within certain limits that have already been defined and accepted in some countries but regulations are still in progress in many other countries. By connecting UWB devices to the WiMedia Explorer 300 Analyzer using the Wired Ultrawideband Kit, Ellisys eliminates emissions to ensure governmental regulations are met. The kit can also be used to avoid interferences between unrelated nearby UWB systems, for example in development labs or trade shows.

Wired USB Analysis

Wireless USB devices often use a classical wired USB connection for charging their batteries, first time association or backward compatibility with wired USB. In addition to Wireless USB challenges, developers also face wired and wireless USB integration issues. Ellisys anticipates developers' needs and suggests that you consider our complete wired and wireless USB protocol analysis solution. This solution bundles a wired and a wireless USB analyzer unit with a competitive price so that developers can analyze their devices from all perspectives.

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