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Bluetooth UnPlugFest 56 (UPF56)

February 13-16, 2017, Atlanta, GA, USA

Join Ellisys (Platinum Sponsor) at the upcoming UnPlugFest in February. We will have a team of engineers on hand to demonstrate and inform you of the latest Ellisys products and features as well as offering one-on-one training sessions, including:

Ellisys Bluetooth Tracker (Sniffer)

Ellisys recently announced its pocket-sized, bus-powered Bluetooth Tracker analyzer, designed to support concurrent, tightly synchronized capture and analysis of Bluetooth low energy, Wi-Fi traffic, and a variety of wired interfaces, including logic signals and UART / SPI HCI protocols.  Ellisys will be demonstrating this exciting new cutting-edge analyzer at UPF 56.

For more information visit http://www.ellisys.com/btracker

Ellisys Bluetooth Qualifier (Link Layer Tester)

The Ellisys Bluetooth Qualifier (EBQ) provides next-generation qualification capabilities for link layer stacks.  As such, it is mission-critical equipment for the Bluetooth ecosystem.

As with past UPFs, the Ellisys team will be operating two EBQ platforms during UPF 56.  The primary focus will be Bluetooth 5 testing.  Chip manufacturers will be automatically scheduled based on their supported features.  If you are not already scheduled, please feel free to request a test session on the EBQ with the Bluetooth SIG staff at the UPF.

Ellisys Bluetooth Grid Setup

Attendees will notice a distribution of several Ellisys analyzers throughout the testing room on the Ellisys fixed table.  Ellisys will be unobtrusively testing a new approach to collection of UPF Bluetooth traffic, and will be using these distributed analyzers in this effort.  We call this approach the Grid system.   The captured data will be securely stored on an Ellisys server and will be used exclusively to validate and optimize the Grid’s operation live during the UPF and in post-processing after the event.  There is no plan to provide data to attendees at this UPF, but attendees are welcomed to join Ellisys to learn more about this technology.

Ellisys Individual Training

As always, Ellisys is pleased to offer individual product training sessions during the UPF.  Each session can be customized to cover any request, from an introduction to Ellisys products to advanced training on Ellisys features, or for discussing any specific topic of interest.   Please register for the Ellisys Training on the UPF registration page, or ask the Bluetooth SIG team to be scheduled with Ellisys during the UPF week.

Ellisys will also be providing an update to attendees on Tuesday Feb. 14 on recent Ellisys technologies. Feel free to join our engineers after the testing sessions.

We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta!

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